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Moments ago, I was informed by my boss I was no longer allowed to play rap or hip hop music at her store.  We use Pandora as our listening medium and I was never given guidelines of "right" music vs. "wrong" music to play amongst our customers.  

I've worked in fashion for 10+ years now, and have experienced many different types of adversity.  But this was the type of subtle racism that feels the most frustrating. 

"Can you not play this type of music? It really drives me insane."

I'd like to preface this rant with the fact that she never told me she had an issue with me playing this type of music.  So she could have just mentioned it the first time this type of music was playing so that it would no longer "drive her insane".  

The moment I ask...

Model: Martin Angel for Labelingmen.com

 model Jess Adams in Silverlake, CA

Jenny Jaffe, originally from the Bay Area, is an incredibly funny and talented writer and founder of Project UROK, a safe space for people to talk about their mental health. We sat down with Jenny to talk about hew IFC show, Neurotica and her personal experience growing up with OCD. 

What have you been working on in L.A. since you arrived back [from New York]?

Jenny Jaffe: Well, I moved out here to write for Big Hero 6 on Disney, so that’s my day job. Honestly, I’ve trying to get my bearings mostly. [L.A.] is just a weird city to make friends and build connections, so that’s been tough. Also, getting to know my way around and that sort of thing has taken up most of my energy. I’m starting to get back into doing other writing projects, promoting my IFC series, and trying to re-enter society a...

 Kelly's 30th birthday celebration. 

Photos by Amelia Williams, Eric Hammond, James Robbins & Karen Guzelian. 

All photo editing by Amelia Williams.

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April 17, 2018

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