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02012023 Moodboard for Midnight's Porch Design

My BFF has revived a jewelry collection from the past; hand crafted polymer clay earrings she creates in Los Angeles. She was in need of some direction for logos, colors schemes, content themes and more, so she inherently reached out to me (as if we don't talk almost every day) for some creative consulting.

Many moons ago, we started a brand together and named it "Midnight's Porch". The name has numerous deeper meanings; a connection to the cottage I grew up in which has since been torn down, and a nod to my cat Midnight, who was pretty much the love of my life. Midnight sat on this porch, in my cottage, which was also where my friends and I would hang out on late Summer nights. It was off to the side of my house where my parents could never hear what was going on. I had many firsts there, including the first time my mom caught my friends and I smoking pot (woops!).

We eventually put the brand to rest due to our busy schedules and changes in directions, but Allie (my BFF) decided to revive it this year and infuse more love into than ever. I was so excited to jump on board to help her with my favorite part of creating.

She first sent me snap shots of the new earrings so I could have an idea of the style she was crafting.

Then the moodboard came aka my favorite part. The earrings innately screamed Palm Springs and Beverly Hills hotel, so I leaned in. It also brought to mind one of my favorite photographs, Slim Aarons.

At this point, Allie still wasn't sure if she wanted to use Midnight's Porch as the name, and I, foolishly, was trying to convince her to use something more trending or hip. I love the influence pop culture and media can have on fashion, so my mind directly went to White Lotus; the palm leafs inevitably were linked to the Beverly Hills Hotel's famous interiors and Allie's family has a strong connection to Italy, so I thought Loto Hotel would be a fun, kitschy x chic way to tie everything together. I sent her ideas for the name in the font options I thought she would like. Luckily I've known her since we were 14 so our synchronicity made my job easy this time around.

After some back and forth, she decided to stick with Midnight's Porch and I abided. I'm happy to have that memory attached to her brand, and feel connected to her in that way.

Once she chose a font style I designed a custom font for the logo. She wanted it to look hand painted, a little imperfect, cute and earthy.

And so the brand was reborn. Follow Midnight's Porch to see her upcoming craft fairs in Los Angeles, CA!

xx A



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