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12272022 recent developments

2023 loading...

23 is my favorite number, so I am manifesting luck, continued love, health & wealth into the new year.

With a fresh start on the horizon I wanted to share some more snippets of my art work.

As a mixed media collage artist, I use a variety of different artistic mediums to express myself and document my processes.

Here are some of my favorite disposable shots of some works in progress from the last roll. It's art of art!

If you're interested in seeing my show next year save the date!!

july 23, 2023. Venue somewhere in the Hudson Valley. TBD.

It's been an interesting year of change, and growth, and understanding myself and my needs more. It's been hard, it's been easy and it's been hard again.

I created more art than ever and have been preparing to share.

Releasing work Feb 14, 2023. Stay tuned.

In the meantime...

Listen to the songs that are inspiring my work

And remember life goes by in a blur. Cherish only your moments with loved ones and forget the rest.

Until then... a few words from my original muse...

Daria Morgendorfer Jane Lane

xx A

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