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#31dayartchallenge <3 <3 <3

I started this art challenge mostly for myself, but shared it on instagram, to post art for 31 consecutive days. It can be posted on the grid, on my story, on Facebook, or on my blog; it just needs to be shared.

This also does not have to be linear, it can be half a painting, or a finished product, or a moodboard for one upcoming. It can be new or from 20 years ago. It can be photos of work, or photos of me doing work. It can be writing, dancing, singing, painting, photos, graphic illustrations, etc. As long as some form of my own artistic vision is involved it counts.

Why am I doing this?

To keep myself motivated and to keep sharing. I am so hard on myself comparing my work to EVERYONE and ANYONE and EVERYTHING that I tend to hold back and say I'll wait until I'm really ready to share. But that stops me from sharing which is retroactive in creating art. It's made to make people feel something, connect with, or just to feel validated in their shared experience, and how can I do that if I'm not sharing it?

So, I challenged myself to share my work for the first 31 days of this year, in January, 2023, to help myself become more comfortable and confident. And if anyone joins that's just a bonus!

Let's share more art! The world can never have too much of it.

xx A

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