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mixed media artist + photographer

Amelia C. Williams is a dynamic mixed media artist and versatile photographer based in the picturesque Hudson Valley, New York. With a passion for street style pop art, Amelia's artistic expression takes the form of captivating and vibrant creations that seamlessly blend various mediums. As an event and wedding photographer, Amelia brings a unique approach to her craft, utilizing mixed media documentation and collages to capture the essence and emotions of these special moments. With an eye for detail and a knack for storytelling, Amelia skillfully weaves together visual narratives that truly capture the heart and soul of any event or wedding.


With a passion for capturing the essence of special moments, Amelia's expertise lies in mixed media documentation and collages. Going beyond traditional photography, Amelia's unique approach blends various artistic mediums to create captivating visual narratives. Through her lens, she skillfully preserves the emotions, details, and stories that make each event and wedding truly unforgettable. With Amelia behind the camera, clients can expect a personalized and artistic perspective that beautifully captures the essence of their most cherished memories.


Amelia is a bi-racial mixed media artist who creates abstract street style pieces with acrylics, canvas, rope, florescent lights, photos, vintage comics & playboys, and more. As a mixed race woman her perspective embodies the viewpoint of stress and confusion with her racial identity. Feeling like an imposter in her own skin she portrays honest thoughts, reactions and frustrations through raw imagery using text and dramatized characterizations. Amelia juxtaposes flares of emo culture from the early 2000s - the innocence and passion of first love - with pop culture references, deconstructed comic imagery and bold neon colors to depict chaotic, obsessive attachment fueled by trauma, anxiety, and depression. Her themes buzz a nerve conjuring painful moments you hoped to have buried. Amelia's work uncovers our darkest thoughts in order to heal.

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