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Amelia C Williams is a mixed media street style pop artist, photographer, and pant designer. With a passion for all things creative, she approaches every project with an artistic perspective and a single-minded goal: to make it cool. Amelia's work is characterized by its bold use of color, playful patterns, and experimental techniques, as well as her deep commitment to incorporating the black experience into her art.

As a photographer, Amelia's images capture the energy and vitality of her subjects, often drawing on her background in street photography to capture the ​grit​ and authenticity of ​real life. Her pant designs are similarly inspired by her stylist background, feature unexpected ​textiles ​in​ classic styles that reflect her innovative spirit.​ Her stop motion collages showcase her unique style of comic book-inspired vignettes, skillfully blending dark and whimsical elements to create a captivating visual experience.​

​Amelia's creative approach is grounded in a deep love of experimentation and a willingness to take risks. Her work reflects her commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible, and her passion for making art that speaks to the diversity of black culture.​ 

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