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hey I'm Amelia, I'm a mixed media collage artist + photographer.

I was born in Atlanta, bred in NY, educated in RI and grew up in LA.

I spent many years in Los Angeles styling celebrities and working in fashion branding and photoshoot production.

Eventually, I took more creative control over my work, shifted gears and after 10 years I left the West Coast.  Now I reside in Red Hook, New York where I creative direct and artistically document events.  I also create artwork, in a variety of mediums, based on my lived life experiences and chronicle the process in hopes of inspiring other creatives to create without boundaries. I truly believe art is therapy and make it my mission to create uncensored work to make space for others to release any oppression, trauma or past issues.


Sign up to see my creations in progress or check out some of my work. 😘


xx A

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