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The Lovebugs Art Parlor launches this weekend 🚀

The Lovebugs Art Parlor is a forthcoming traveling art bar that will host different engaging art sessions and artist talks.


The Art Parlor sessions are a safe, inclusive space for uninhibited self-expression.


THE ART PARLOR will feature engaging prompts and inspiration pulling from 'The Lovebugs' art collection. Each space will be curated uniquely, highlighting different art pieces from 'The Lovebugs' collection to serve as a backdrop and inspiration for participants.


The pieces also support a safe environment to artistically express themselves with no bounds. The mixed media inspiration ranges from polaroids, paintings, past mood boards, poetry, mini sculptures, dried florals, music, and much more!


All traditional studio art materials will be provided, along with a variety of unique surprise items pulled from'The Lovebugs' pieces.


All participants leave with their own art piece(s) and have access to consultation if needing additional inspiration or tips.


May 18th, 2024 | 12:00 - 7:00PM

2 Wyckoff Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11237

Sound Mind Music Festival for Mental Health


A day party with a purpose, a creative collaboration between artists, musicians, mental health organizations, and more! Kick off your summer at the ultimate Bushwick festival on the streets and in surrounding venues.

 May 19th,2024 | 12:00-5:00PM

Senate House Grounds, 296 Fair Street, Kingston, NY

Pinkster Festival

Celebrate Pinkster with a joyous festival for the whole family!

xx A


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