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"I'm having a yard sale" in collaboration with Bad Mule Inc.

I'm Having a Yard Sale is a poem I animated for Bad Mule Inc. Much inspired by The Lovebugs art collections, please enjoy my artistic interpretation of Marks Roberts words.

I'm Having a Yard Sale

Directed and animated by Amelia C. Williams

Written by Mark Roberts

Narrated by ARRI*

Sound mixing at AUSTRA studios

Produced by Mark Roberts & Lisa Cisneros

A post-moodboard I created with the art featured in the animation.

I also created a post-moodboard inspired art piece with the art featured in the animation, as well as a piece with a sketch that feel to the cutting room floor.

"I'm Sorry!!!!!"

mixed media piece

36" x 24"

"Waiting Room"

mixed media piece with lights, battery included

24" x 30"

xx A


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