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The Lovebugs is an original mixed media pop art series by Amelia Williams. 

07.22.23 Act I: Greetings!

The Lovebugs is a traveling art show that immerses attendees in a transformative exploration of identity, trauma, and uninhibited emotion. The exhibition features artwork exploring manic themes like oxytocin withdrawal and love addiction, leading guests to continuously uncover layers under blacklight and fluorescent squiggles.


Amelia C Williams' art is a forward thinking fusion of various mediums, blending street art aesthetics with elements of pop culture. Her vibrant cartoon colored abstract pieces captivate viewers, inviting them to reflect upon the profound consequences of unresolved pain.


Each artwork serves as a puzzle piece filling in the poignant narrative, encouraging audience members to explore the space as well as their own experiences and perspective, fostering catharsis and dialogue.

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The Lovebugs debut immersive exhibition

by mixed media pop artist Amelia Williams 

hosted by Fahrenheit 451 House in Catskill, New York. 

Williams juxtaposes flares of emo culture from the early 2000s - the innocence and passion of first love - with illustrated depictions of chaotic, obsessive attachment fueled by trauma, anxiety and depression. Her themes buzz a nerve conjuring painful moments you hoped to have buried - uncovering our darkest thoughts in order to heal.

The band, Adventure, lead by Antony DiGiacomo played an exclusive set, including the debut of their first single, "Dreamgirl" 


Event production Amelia Williams.

Curation + installation Jon Orsini.

Event photos shot by The Black Library's Michael Marz

Art available for purchase here.

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