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Set up some snowflakes for On The Mountain 4

I had the pleasure of designing some sets for the On The Mountain 4 indie music festival brought to us by The Wild Honey Pie. The festival was held at Hunter Mountain and Glen Falls house, with Local Natives as the headliners.

March 22-24 The Wild Honey pie took over the Catskill, musicians locals and brooklynites alike tucked themselves into the hills of the mountains to celebrate music, good food and art.

The notes I was given for the apres ski 80s themed set decor was "snowflakes," "DIY" and "cute." I think we did it.

Decor credits:

Creative Director: Eric Weiner

Production Designer: Amelia Williams

Production Assistant: Mark Schexnayder

Photos by Emilio Herce and Kiki Vassilakis

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